The Best And Worst Of WWE NXT 9/4/13: Friendship (And Sami Zayn) Is Magic

Pre-show notes:

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Worst: This Is Probably The Best Aksana Match Ever, But That’s Not Saying Much

Before I start getting sad about the depressing-ass first 45 minutes of this week’s NXT, allow me a paragraph about Aksana’s TitanTron video. If you’ve never seen it before — and it’s Aksana, so you might not’ve — it’s billowing bedsheets. Thats it. No wrestling, no clips of her hitting a finisher, no important moments in the history of Askana, nothing. Keep in mind that she’s been on WWE TV for almost FOUR YEARS now, having debuted on the same episode of NXT as Kaitlyn, AJ Lee and the better Funkadactyl. All she has to show for it is an “I have SEX” gimmick that doesn’t work in a PG environment, because these women are all supposed to be adults, so we can assume that MOST of them have sex. I love you, Aksana’s stupid TitanTron video.