Big Cass May Have Suffered A Serious Knee Injury On WWE Raw

It was already a bad day for WWE injuries with the news that Asuka will be out for 6-8 weeks with a broken collarbone, and now it appears that Big Cass has suffered a knee injury during his street fight with Enzo Amore on WWE Raw.

The injury appeared to happen when Cass tried to hit Enzo with a big boot. Enzo moved, sending Cass over the top rope and to the floor. On replay, it looked like Cass’ knee blew out as he hit the floor, and you could practically see the muscles in his leg tearing. He tried to continue the match and even tried to hit an Empire Elbow, but his leg gave out.

After that, it became very clear that the injury was legitimate, with Cass visibly frustrated, cursing and collapsing at ringside. Enzo didn’t know what to do, either. Cass’ singles push had just begun, including a victory over the Big Show at SummerSlam, so if it is serious, the timing couldn’t be worse. As Cass walked off with the assistance of ringside doctors, he was clearly upset and in pain.

WWE offered an official update on his status towards the end of Raw, confirming that it was indeed a left knee injury, but noting that they would not know the severity until Tuesday when they could perform an MRI. Cass left the arena on crutches after having a brace put on that left knee.

We wish Cass a speedy recovery.