Let’s Celebrate Big E’s Rise From Bodyguard To The New Day

12.21.15 2 years ago 9 Comments


One third of the only redeemable thing about Raw The New Day just celebrated three years on the WWE’s main roster. Big E Langston rose from power lifter to NXT powerhouse, then assumed the wholly unglamorous role of bodyguard for AJ Lee. Some bodyguards sit in silence and patiently wait years for their moment to come (ahem, Virgil) and go with little fanfare. Big E was different off the bat and has the social-media presence to prove it. Who would’ve thought that the future of wrestling is a guy who just wants to make the WWE a little more awkward?

Take a look at some of Big E’s moment’s — hell, in between commercial breaks while slogging through Raw tonight — and celebrate three solid years of Big E doing big things.

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