Here Are The Big Names Rumored For Tonight’s WWE Raw

With both Fastlane and Roadblock in the books, we are finally — finally — on an unobstructed, straight-shot Road To WrestleMania. We can expect Monday’s Raw to start piecing together the rest of the WrestleMania 32 card, and here’s what we know.

According to PWInsider, Daniel Bryan has been spotted in Pittsburgh (the site of the March 14 Raw) and could be available for TV. It’s been long rumored that Bryan would have a non-wrestling role on the show, even if that means being in Brie Bella’s corner for a match against Lana, so take that for what you will. Will Bryan just show up to say, “please clap,” for his wife? Are we getting Rusev in Lana’s corner and Bryan in Brie’s? Can we maybe get a running knee out of it at Mania? Would that hurt everyone involved?

Another rumored name for tonight’s show (via WrestlingInc) is Mick Foley. Foley recently addressed the rumor that he’d be at WrestleMania, and there are a lot of possible spots for him. Raw is set to feature both Shane McMahon and The Undertaker, and who has better cautionary tales about stepping into Hell in a Cell with The Undertaker than Mankind?

Finally there’s nothing to substantiate the rumor, but with Raw being in Pittsburgh, we’ve got to note the ongoing rumor that Pittsburgh native Kurt Angle could be lurking around. He’s been teasing some level of a WWE return for years now, even when that was a contractual impossibility.

Of course, there’s also a chance that Bryan, Foley and Angle could just show up dancing together in the background of an R-Truth/Goldust segment so Ron Simmons can walk in and say, “damn,” but it’s fun to figure out how this might all come together.

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