Big Show Thinks Raw Is As Impossible To Get Through As You Do

06.15.17 9 months ago 25 Comments

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We’re rapidly approaching the end of Big Show’s storied WWE career as a member of the regular roster, but the world’s largest athlete still has some strong feelings and opinions towards WWE and the wrestling business as a whole.

Big Show went on Chris Jericho’s “Talk Is Jericho” podcast recently to discuss the tail end of his career, tell some stories, and discuss the current state of wrestling. The conversation was, unsurprisingly considering the two participants, very entertaining, but it also gave us a glimpse into some frustrations Big Show has with WWE at present.

The two most interesting discussions between Big Show and Jericho were about Show’s disdain for television events and pay-per-views at this point in his career because he hates the stories he’s asked to do, and Big Show’s complaint that wrestlers now are too soft. Here, you can listen to Big Show explaining why he prefers the WWE live events to Monday Night Raw and PPV shows at this point, because he actually gets to work in the ring.

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