Bill Goldberg Says Another WWE Return Is A ‘Very Good Possibility’

When contentious wrestling legend Bill Goldberg returned to WWE at SummerSlam and squashed Dolph Ziggler with extreme prejudice, many thought it’d be a make-up for that terrible Saudi Arabian match against The Undertaker and, for all intents and purposes, a sort of “farewell performance” so he didn’t end his in-ring career on a sour note. But then Goldberg and Ziggler got into an extremely real and believable fight at a Las Vegas steakhouse, and the return rumors started up again. At one point it was even reported that Paul Heyman wanted to use Goldberg as a semi-regular on Raw, in an “enforcer” role.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated, Goldberg confirmed that the SummerSlam bout with Ziggler was “by no means” his farewell performance, and that there’s a “very good possibility” he’ll have another WWE match.

From the interview:

“It’s by no means my farewell performance, nor was it my best performance, but you have to be realistic and take all things into consideration. It’s a very good possibility I’ll be back, but you don’t know it until it’s done. That gets lost in the shuffle, but it’s actually the biggest factor. I don’t know of a power wrestler that’s been able to come back after a 12-year hiatus and still be that guy. I had a really tough time keeping weight on when I was that guy, so now it’s exponentially harder. So I just need to reinvent myself. Instead of being 280 pounds with veins on my traps, I can be 260 with veins on my traps.”

If he’s going to reinvent himself to lengthen his career, we really hope he’s gonna become a “stallion” MMA fighter and go one-on-one with his bro — sorry, not his bro — Matt Riddle. Can you imagine the response if BILL GOLDBERG’s music hit at Full Sail University?

It turns out that while he’s openly grateful to Ziggler for the SummerSlam match, he still feels like he could’ve done better, so maybe it’ll just be Goldberg vs. Ziggler again.

“I’m never happy with any of my performances, and I’d lost my mojo, I felt like. But the reality is, the older you get, the more you’re going to lose your mojo because you can’t do it like you used to.”

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