Footage Has Surfaced Of Bo Dallas’ Airport Arrest For Public Intoxication

Prior to a quick WWE tour of Mexico, it was reported that Superstar and Rap Battle Champion Bo Dallas was pulled from his flight due to being overly intoxicated and singing songs from The Lion King, because of course he did. Now, TMZ Sports has unearthed footage of Dallas being arrested and his property being searched, because of course they did.

In the footage, Dallas is visibly intoxicated, and can be seen slurring his words and nearly falling over numerous times. Seeing someone we here at With Spandex view as a precious commodity who must be protected at all costs get handcuffed makes us sad all over, but if we’ve learned anything as Bo-Lievers, it’s that we should always try to look on the bright side. Here are some positive observations from the video clip:

– It’s heartwarming to hear Bo Dallas called a, “big WWE star.” You’re darn right he is! You made it, little buddy!

– When asked about his drinking, Bo’s response of, “I’m not really planning on driving tonight.”

– The arresting officer explaining Bo’s demeanor as, “He’s being cooperative, but he’s a strong boy.” Get it, Braun Bo-man.

– The same officer mistaking his jump ropes for nunchucks, and also thinking he’s cool enough to travel with/recreationally use nunchucks.

At the time, there was major concern for Dallas’ status within the company, as messy public incidents like this have led to some extremely adverse situations for other WWE Superstars. The former NXT Champion recently participated in the debut match of Bin Wang, the jewel in the crown of WWE’s new relationship with Chinese streaming conglomerate PPTV. I mean, he lost, but hey Bo, remember when a stranger called you a big star? Chin up, buttercup.