Watch Bobby Roode’s Dazzlingly Glorious NXT TakeOver: Orlando Entrance

NXT Champion Bobby Roode has made a bit of a habit of having entrances at major events that are, for lack of a better word, glorious. First, there was the cherry picker Roode descended from the heavens on at TakeOver: Brooklyn II. Then there was the gospel choir who serenaded him to the ring at TakeOver: Toronto. And of course, who could forget his bevy of beauties — four on each arm, natch — escorting him down the walkway at TakeOver: San Antonio? But tonight’s entrance at TakeOver: Orlando may have taken the cake.

For his entrance, Roode had multiple grand pianos on top of the entrance ramp, with two elegantly dressed pianists playing an elaborate piece of music in tandem with one another. The pair then segued into the beginning of “Glorious Domination,” the NXT Champion’s ubiquitous theme song, which brought the audience to their feet. Roode then entered with a dazzlingly shimmery white robe with black trim, to the adulation of the sold-out crowd, and proceeded to head to ringside, where Shinsuke Nakamura was anxiously waiting for his NXT Championship rematch.

You can check out the photo and video below to see Bobby Roode’s over-the-top entrance for yourself — then start brainstorming for what the guy might do if he ever gets a WrestleMania match.