Bobby Roode’s ‘Glorious Domination’ Theme Almost Went To A Very Different Wrestler

Look, we’ve written a lot about Bobby Roode’s NXT theme song “Glorious Domination” here. And for good reason. The song is part of the total package that allowed Bobby Roode to instantly become a phenomenon, top star and world-class heel in NXT, rather than “another TNA guy.” It became a meme in its own rightmore than one meme, in fact.

We had heard some time ago that Roode didn’t like the theme at first, and Triple H actually had to convince him to go with it. That seems unthinkable now, but Roode claims it’s true. He also said that the theme was initially earmarked for a different wrestler, but we never found out who … until now.

Yes, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the man who initially turned down “Glorious Domination” when he had first dibs was … Shinsuke Nakamura. It’s very hard to comprehend now, but NXT thought it would be a great theme for Nakamura, who disagreed, because he didn’t think it fit his character. He then was hands-on with the creation of his own iconic theme, and then we eventually got the two instant-classic entrance songs doing battle with one another. To the death. Okay, maybe not to the death.

But that’s wild. Try to imagine Shinsuke Nakamura coming out to Bobby Roode’s theme. You cannot. Your brain will not allow you. Let’s just take a deep breath and remember that sometimes this ISN’T the darkest possible timeline. Take comfort in that.