Brace Yourselves, NCAA Luchador Masks Are Coming

Hey, do you like college sports?  Are you looking for apparel that will get you noticed behind Lee Corso at ESPN College Gameday?  Are you looking to maintain anonymity and/or pay homage to the grand Mexican traditions of lucha libre?  If you answered “yes” to these oddly specific questions, there’s good news coming your way!  The people at Woot and Little Earth Productions are proud to bring you NCAA luchador masks!

They’re not being specifically advertised as lucha masks, but come on, look at these things.  I think Blue Demon, Jr. should consider legal action.  These are apparently fully licensed by the NCAA, because… well, because they can probably make money and there’s a hot rumor going around that the NCAA enjoys money.  Let’s take a closer look – here are the masks for my alma mater, Texas A&M, whose football team is doing absolutely fine and hasn’t lost a single game currently exists.

The item description says “Probably a great way to sneak into that frat party on a rival campus,” but I think you might as well wear a sign that says “DO NOT SERVE THIS WEIRDO ANY ALCOHOL.”  As of right now, there are fifteen teams available over on Woot – Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona State, Auburn, Florida State, Georgia, Kansas, Kentucky, LSU, Louisville, Nebraska, Tennessee, Texas A&M, Wisconsin, and West Virginia.  (No Penn State? Really? You’re sitting on a goldmine here, guys.)  It also appears to be a limited-time offer, so if you’re looking to support your team in the weirdest possible way, get your order in before Tuesday morning.  In the meantime, beware of Rusev wandering through tailgate parties and tearing down flags.