Brad Maddox Returned Last Night On The WWE App And Cut An Amazing Promo

If you’re a regular at With Spandex, you know how much we love “Beef Mode” Brad Maddox.

We haven’t seen much of him since his firing as Raw General Manager, aside from his adorable reading of the news alongside some kid. Nobody watches the WWE App anymore — shut up, no you don’t — but Maddox popped in to interrupt Eden during last night’s show, and it was awesome.

Here’s the thing about Maddox: we like him because of how awkward and funny he is, but he’s a legit great promo, and damn, if I had a small amount of wishes, one of them would be for him to get a spot on Raw and be used to his fullest potential. 6 1/2 years of training, and all he’s gotten is a referee angle, a bunch of tight-fitting dress clothes and FORGOTTEN.

Long live Beef Mode.