Brad Maddox Took A Break From YouTube To Make His Return To A WWE Ring This Weekend

Former Raw General Manager and tight shirt aficionado, Brad Maddox, hasn’t been on TV since May of last year. Despite not being used, Maddox continued to get checks from WWE, which sounds like kind of a sweet deal to me, but it apparently caused Brad to go a little stir-crazy, leading to a series of funny, surprisingly open, slightly concerning videos on YouTube.

Well, the YouTube videos have stopped, and it seems like Maddox is once again hitting the ring for WWE. I say “again,” even though Maddox really wasn’t much of an in-ring competitor during his first WWE run, so in a way, this is kind of a new thing.

Maddox made his return at a weekend house show in Milwaukee, losing to Zack Ryder (ouch). Apparently, he was introduced with a big drum roll, and the audience was a bit disappointed when Maddox came out. Come on, guys. Don’t you know the difference between a regular drum roll and a funny ironic drum roll? Here’s a picture of Maddox lookin’ ripped at the event…

In other Maddox-related news, he’s also one of the few NXT trainees to come out in support of Bill DeMott.

Yeeeah, let’s just forget he said that and focus on the positive. Remember the time he did a news show with random child Ava Bailey?

That’s better. Good luck, Mad Ox.

via eWrestlingNews