Braun Strowman And Big Show Will Meet In A Steel Cage Match On Raw

WWE has figured out a pretty great formula when it comes to booking Braun Strowman. You put him in the ring with a fellow hoss and let them beat the hell out of each other. This reached its peak in the SummerSlam main event when Strowman was rag-dolling Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, and Samoa Joe, and his recent feud with Reigns produced some tremendous matches.

Strowman will meet Lesnar at No Mercy in one of the most anticipated PPV main events on the year, but with Lesnar not being someone that’s going to wrestle regularly on Raw, they need someone for Strowman to stay active with over the next couple weeks. Enter Big Show.

The two have met before and created one of the most spectacular moments of any Raw this year back in April when Strowman superplexed Show and caused the ring to collapse. With Big Cass hurt and Enzo inexplicably running around 205 Live, Big Show is without a storyline, so WWE made the brilliant decision to put him back in the ring with Strowman for Raw on Labor Day, and toss in a steel cage for good measure.

It would be really hard to book Braun Strowman poorly at this point, provided you put him in the ring with someone that can physically take the abuse they’ll get from the Monster Among Men, but this should be tremendous. It would be hard for them to top the ring collapse spot from April, but with the steel cage involved, there’s now a chance that they have something extra special and the two gigantic athletes will manage to break a dang steel cage somehow.

Let’s just hope they don’t ruin this by sending the Club out to confront them, leading to Kurt Angle booking Show and Strowman together in a tag match. No, they’d never do that.