Please Enjoy Braun Strowman Reading As Juno From ‘Juno’

If you ever wanted to see The Monster Among Men Braun Strowman struggling to tell his parents about his unplanned pregnancy caused by having sex with Michael Cera, congratulations, The Ringer has you covered. Please enjoy this clip of Sister Abigail’s Black Sheep reading Ellen Page’s part in Juno.

Braun Strowman promos going forward should involve him discussing (1) heartburn radiating down to his kneecaps, (2) the last time he took a dump, and (3) how much he wants to hurt Roman Reigns. And maybe each episode of Raw can update us on whether or not he’s currently ready to be a mom.

Hey The Ringer, any chance you can get Tamina Snuka to read the ending monologue from No Country For Old Men? I think that could have some emotional weight.