There May Be A Behind-The-Scenes Reason Why Braun Strowman Isn’t Universal Champion

11.08.18 8 months ago 27 Comments


After the mess that was WWE Crown Jewel, a lot of fans were wondering why Braun Strowman lost the Universal Title match to Brock Lesnar. After all, Braun’s been extremely popular in the past year, and was just turned face again after Roman announced his departure, which seemed to set him up as the next top hero of WWE. Meanwhile WWE spent months this year telling fans that Brock Lesnar doesn’t care about the business enough to show up (something a lot of us already believed, for the record).

One possible explanation for the Monster Among Men’s surprising lack of a championship push emerged via PWInsider Elite Audio, where Mike Johnson reported that there’s more going on with Braun than fans are seeing (transcript via

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