Bray Wyatt And Bo Dallas Have Reportedly Been Off WWE TV Due To Illness

If you are a regular WWE Monday Night Raw viewer, then you may have noticed that Bo Dallas hasn’t been at the side of his “boss” The Miz and his Miz-tourage buddy Curtis Axel. In addition to Dallas, his real life brother Bray Wyatt has also missed the last two weeks of Raw. Wyatt’s real life girlfriend, ring announcer Jojo Offerman, also missed this week’s Raw and was replaced by Mike Rome. What happened to them? Dallas is dealing with sickness.

There have been rumors for a few days until Justin Labar of the Pittsburgh Tribune tweeted that the reason was viral meningitis.

It was confirmed in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter by Dave Meltzer this week that they were sick, but no details were provided about the specific illness until Labar tweeted what he did. It’s not known if Dallas is the only one that’s sick or if Wyatt and Offerman are also sick. As Labar noted, Wyatt’s status for TLC is not known at this time.

Two weeks ago on Raw, The Miz wished Dallas well while noting he was sick. As for Wyatt, he did a pre-taped promo on Raw two weeks ago that was taped from the week before. That was the promo where Wyatt morphed into Sister Abigail thanks to some video editing. Wyatt missed this week’s edition of Raw.

The status of Wyatt is obviously very important since he’s scheduled to wrestle (as Sister Abigail) against Finn Balor as The Demon at TLC on Sunday. It’s a unique match that also may be the end of their rivalry that has gone on for way too long. Hopefully being at home two weeks has done enough to make Wyatt feel better if he was sick and that he can return for Sunday’s big match.

We wish Bo, Bray and Jojo all the best in their recovery from this illness, because viral meningitis doesn’t sound fun at all.