Bray Wyatt Is Pushing For Bo Dallas To Join The Wyatt Family

Right now, Bray Wyatt is on top of the world, even if he has recently suffered the twin betrayals of the cowards Luke Harper and Randy Orton. Wyatt is going to head into WrestleMania 33 as WWE Champion, and he recently added the power of his dead Sister Abigail to his own. (Just totally normal wrestling stuff, everyone.) But he still wants to have a Wyatt Family … and he wants to add his actual flesh and blood, Bo Dallas, to its ranks.

A new interview with Sports Illustrated has Wyatt gushing about his real-life brother, Bo, and he is “pushing” for Dallas to join the Wyatt Family.

“Bo Dallas is, quite possibly, the most talented wrestler on either roster,” said Wyatt. “He is the most underrated superstar of all time, in my opinion. He has so much to give. At some point, I would love to form an alliance with him because I know who and what he really is. Whether people want to look at him like that, well, then I’ll show you. It’s very, very possible.”

If you happened to catch Bo’s most recent act on WWE television, he had been showing off a new mean streak (before disappearing again), and it would be a neat precursor to him showing up on Smackdown to be the newest Wyatt Family acolyte. After all, now that Luke Harper is on his own, Wyatt can use some more muscle.