You’ll Never Believe How Much The Fiend’s Custom Title Belt Costs On WWE Shop

What’s your budget from Christmas gifts? Assuming it’s expansive, how many WWE fans are on your list? How many of them are also fans of horror? Is there anyone you love enough (including yourself) to spend $6,500 on a single gift? And even if there is, would you want that $6,500 gift to be a title belt with the latex face of a grinning demonic clown on it?

These are the questions WWE would have us asking themselves, as they kick off the holiday shopping season by introducing the “‘The Fiend’ Bray Wyatt Custom Handcrafted Title” on the WWE Shop for a price tag of $6,499.99. Yes really. For only six and a half thousand dollars, you can own a belt that’s not appropriate to be worn anywhere except maybe a Halloween party, and it’s probably too expensive and delicate for that environment anyway. The best thing to do with it would be to hang it on your wall, where any children who see it will run screaming and refuse to ever enter your house again.

To be clear, I’m not disparaging the amount of craftsmanship involved. Each of these belts, as the shop explains, is hand-crafted by Tom Savini Studios, who designed the Fiend mask in the first place. Savini’s a legend, and his people know what they’re doing. But no matter how much care and expertise goes into crafting a terrifying clown belt, it never becomes anything other than a terrifying clown belt. On the other hand, maybe that’s what you’re into?