Bray Wyatt Suffered An Injury During A WWE Live Event In Italy

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At this point, listing every single person in WWE who has gotten injured recently would take way too long. It’s a super unfortunate occurrence, but it’s a thing that’s happened seemingly a lot more than usual lately.

Today, another WWE superstar reportedly got banged up in an ugly way. Bray Wyatt was apparently wrestling against Roman Reigns at a show in Italy, and during the match, something happened that led to Wyatt hurting his right calf. The news originally popped up via live reports from fans, and WWE confirmed that Wyatt got injured a little earlier today. As you can see in the video at the top of this post, Wyatt didn’t look like he was able to put much weight on his leg and they had to stop the match.

If this is serious, it will mean that Bray will join fellow Wyatt Family member Luke Harper on the sidelines. Aside from this being awful because every injury that happens to another human being is awful, this especially sucks because WWE seemed like it was going in a super awesome direction with the entire Wyatt Family, especially Bray – his match on WWE Raw this week in which he teamed with Roman Reigns was the best thing he’s done in eons.

Please, wrestling gods, don’t let Bray be hurt all that badly. And if he is, here’s to hoping we see him back in the ring as soon as possible.