Bray Wyatt Once Went To Jury Duty In Full Character

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05.17.17 8 Comments

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Bray Wyatt has certainly had his share of ups and downs during his time with WWE. But as long as he’s been Bray Wyatt — starting with his very first days as the character back in NXT — no one can ever accuse him of not fully committing to the character. He gives about as many out-of-character interviews or soundbites as The Undertaker. Hell, he even went full “spooky lantern” when his Family appeared on SportsCenter.

So if you, like me, are a fan of wrestlers refusing to break character, you will definitely enjoy this little anecdote from the new NXT coffee table book, which was very helpfully transcribed by Redditor Suplex-City.

According to a rarely out-of-character Wyatt himself, Dusty Rhodes pressed him into going to jury duty as the character Bray Wyatt.

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