Bray Wyatt Challenged A Top Raw Star During The Superstar Shake-Up

Monday’s episode of Raw was filled with developments in the “Superstar Shake-Up,” which is seeing wrestlers swap rosters with reckless abandon. All of the Monday night developments involved Smackdown Superstars going to Raw, and presumably we’ll see Raw stars move to Smackdown on Tuesday night.

One of the biggest moves happened midway through Raw, after Finn Bálor defeated Jinder Mahal in his first singles match since returning from injury. As Finn celebrated, the lights went out in a familiar fashion and Bray Wyatt appeared on the video screen.

He said that Raw is his new home, but he’s not coming empty-handed, because he is still challenging Randy Orton to a “House of Horrors” match for the WWE Championship at Payback. He also said that Finn should watch himself, because he is watching Finn. He then told the Raw audience “I’m here,” before blowing out his lantern.

It’s clear that Wyatt is being positioned for a feud with Bálor when he finally makes it to Raw full-time … with or without the title. (Probably without; let’s be serious here people.)