Bray Wyatt Helped A Stranger In Walmart Locate His Action Figure


Look, here at With Spandex, we talk a lot about the unfortunate things that happen with Bray Wyatt’s television time and with his WWE storylines on a weekly basis that you can set your watch by. We even asked the guy himself why he loses all his matches (or seems to). And he’s currently in a feud with Matt Hardy about who can laugh more.

But there’s never been a single moment in time where we’ve questioned the ability of Bray Wyatt as a performer, as an entertainer, as a wrestler, or as a decent dude. We know he’s great at the first three, and by all accounts he’s definitely qualified to be considered a decent dude.

This week, Wyatt gave the whole world a taste of just how cool and righteous a dude he is, with a tale that comes to us courtesy of WWE’s resident (very popular) artist, Rob Schamberger.

According to Schamberger, his wife, Katy’s stepmother’s mother (got that?) was at Walmart and ran into Bray Wyatt. Schamberger’s art is currently in certain WWE Elite action figures from Mattel as cool diorama backdrops, and his step-grandmother-in-law was trying to locate some. Since she doesn’t know a lot about wrestling herself, she was at a loss — until Bray Wyatt, who apparently just haunts the WWE figure section of Walmarts across the country — stepped in.

If you don’t already think that’s the most adorable story you’ve ever heard, wait until you see the photographic proof:

What a lovely, lovely man. No, we don’t know what he was doing in that Walmart, or if he was just sadly staring at his own action figures, or what, but it doesn’t matter. Give this guy another championship run for kindness alone.