Bray Wyatt Went Full Exorcist During A Raw Dark Match, Having A Vomitfest In The Ring

02.17.15 4 years ago 21 Comments


According to reports coming from fans who watched RAW live in Orlando last night, Bray may have taken his gimmick to the next level in an after-show match. That, or spending all night in a dark closet with a smoke machine gave him a tummy ache.

After the show, John Cena beat Bray in a dark match (of course), but the real news was that, shortly before the finish, Bray threw up a “significant amount” in the ring. Here’s some tweets from a fan in attendance…

We joke, but this could be signs of something serious. Vomiting is a side effect of concussions, and let’s not forget when we all chuckled about CM Punk pooping his pants. We later learned that it was because his system was ravaged by antibiotics and a potentially deadly MRSA infection. So, hopefully Bray is okay. Also, hopefully Vince McMahon wasn’t watching…

via SEScoops

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