Former NFL Player Brennan Williams Has Left Football To Become A Pro Wrestler

10.26.15 3 years ago
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It was cool to see Brennan Williams get selected by the Houston Texans in the third round of the 2013 NFL Draft, not just because he had a promising future at offensive tackle, but also because he was (and still is) a massive fan of all things anime and pro wrestling. I mean, we’re probably talking about the first pro lineman in history to get on message boards and gripe about John Cena victories. It’s kind of a weird “we made it” moment. Anyway, after some time with the Texans and Jacksonville Jaguars, Williams was finally waived from the New England Patriots practice squad last week due to injury concerns. Fortunately, he’s had a backup plan and Booker T’s phone number for years.

Multiple sources are now reporting that Williams is electing to leave the NFL behind and start training as a pro wrestler, and the head trainer in charge will be none other than WWE’s master of all things shucky-ducky and quack-quack. TMZ got a hold of Booker, who gave this statement:

“Brennan definitely fits the profile and athletic protocol of a WWE Wrestler. He fits the build perfectly…

…Most of the time with NFL players, wrestling is a sort of last resort but Brennan was actually a fan before anything. I’m more than glad to help him out.”

The current plan for Williams is to have enough training under his belt before attending a WWE Performance Center tryout early next year. If you’re wondering whether or not he’s excited about the whole process, let me direct you to Twitter, where he’s already posting preliminary gear designs.

I’m really pulling for the guy, personally. Not only does he seem like a good dude, but imagine a future where a backstage segment on Smackdown is dedicated to him and Sasha Banks having a subs-versus-dubs debate. I want to go there.

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