Bret Hart Wants To Know What Happened To All The Big Guys In WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Bret ‘Hitman’ Hart is never shy about saying what he doesn’t like about pro wrestling, and telling you why. We’ve covered him explaining why Shane McMahon didn’t belong in a main-event match at WrestleMania, why he thought the crummy “screwjob” ending to the Women’s Championship match at Payback was “pretty lame” and how UFC is currently putting on a better pro wrestling product than WWE. He thought the Royal Rumble was boring, thought the Owen Hart DVD was “bullsh*t” and thinks Hulk Hogan is a dirtbag. We could go on.

In the latest episode of his Sharpshooter Show, the Hitman shared his thoughts on WWE’s “New Era” and expressed a concern you might not expect from one of WWE’s smaller champions: there aren’t enough big dudes around.

His comments:

“I’d say that to me professional wrestling today has mostly little people in it … I don’t see any real big men anymore. Very few anyway. The ones that are in it aren’t used properly. Like Mark Henry. It just seems to me, and I don’t mean to disrespect anyone in the business. A lot of guys are working really hard. I miss seeing some of the big guys. When you talk about getting rid of a Wade Barrett. Guys like Mark Henry are seeing less and less time on TV.

“It seems like the wrestlers they’re all little jumping bean guys. They’re all Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels kind of smaller guys. I was 230 pounds. I think I was bigger, a little bit bigger, in mass than some of these guys today. There’s so many guys that have the same stats. Six feet tall, five-eleven, one hundred and eighty five or ninety pounds. Dolph Ziggler. They do a million high spots. They’re in great, phenomenal shape. They all look the same. They all got rock hard abs. They all look like swimmers. I miss the guys that would go out there that looked like Nikolai Volkoff. Or somebody that looks like Don Leo Jonathan or Mad Dog Vachon. Where’s the big guys? Where’s the King Kong Bundys? Who’s hiding all the King Kong Bundys in the world? Where did they go?”

He’s got a point …

Pro wrestling could use a new batch of enormous, threatening ugly guys. Even the new “monsters” like Braun Strowman mostly look like non-threatening characters from Game of Thrones in tank tops and Halloween costumes. More dudes who look like extras from Over The Top, please!

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