Bret Hart And Corey Feldman Are Making A Horror Movie Together And Yes, We’re Serious

09.02.16 3 years ago

When he’s not complaining about Seth Rollins being unsafe in the ring, complaining about Triple H not being able to lace up his boots, complaining about Shane McMahon not belonging in one of WrestleMania 32’s main events, complaining about WWE’s booking of his niece Natalya or sending back his soup at the local diner because it was too hot, WWE Hall Of Famer Bret Hart fancies himself as somewhat of a thespian. I mean, who could forget his scene-stealing five-episode run as Luther Root on Lonesome Dove, or that time he played a demon with a Southern accent named Randall on some TV show called The Immortal? (Yeah, that was a real thing.)

Now, details are coming out about the Hitman’s latest project. It’s a horror film called Tales From The Dead Zone that is described by IMDB as follows:

A Medical Examiner conducting autopsies on victims of a horrible car crash, imagines how they may have lived their lives. Stories in the Anthology include, Legend of the Peoples Demon, Dope a Rope, End Game, Rock Star Legacy, and Burt the Sailor.

(The Legend Of The People’s Demon? Please tell me this some sort of Freaky Friday scenario involving Kane and the Rock.)

According to, Hart is playing the role of Private Investigator Tom Jenkings, “a one man wrecking crew who doesn’t always play by all of the rules.” So does that mean he sometimes plays by all of the rules? Like, what parameters does he set on a situation to determine if it is, in fact, a rule-breaking type of event? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Oh yeah, Corey Feldman — yes, that Corey Feldman — will be co-starring in Tales From The Dead Zone alongside Hart, which amazingly marks the ’80s movie star’s first time ever appearing on-screen with a pro wrestler (unless you count his “celebrity shoot” video with Matt Striker, but that means you consider Matt Striker a pro wrestler). Feldman will be appearing with his band, Corey’s Angels, who actually kind of shred, so if your anticipation wasn’t piqued before, surely it is now. Tales From The Dead Zone is currently in production and slated for a 2017 release.

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