Bret Hart Deems Eric Bischoff ‘Maybe The Single Stupidest Idiot That Ever Got Into Wrestling’

Via ProWrestleShow

Bret Hart has gotten to the point in his time on earth in which he says basically whatever he wants about professional wrestling, because he is Bret Hart, and when he says something, it resonates in a major way. Take, for instance, Hart giving his thoughts on Eric Bischoff, which essentially involved Hart verbally ripping Bischoff’s arm off and beating him with it.

Hart deemed Bischoff, with whom he worked during his run in WCW, “maybe the single stupidest idiot that ever got into wrestling.”

As you can probably guess, he doesn’t exactly take the foot off the gas over the course of the remainder of his two-plus minute answer about his experience with Bischoff to The Pro Wrestling Show.

“He had zero ideas for wrestling,” Hart said. “You could go in and give him ideas for wrestling, ‘put me with Booker T, put me with Chris Benoit, put me with this guy, put me with…’ he always had a bullsh*t excuse why he couldn’t do it, he always had some reason why, ‘Oh, we’d love to put you with him, but you can’t do that because it’s raining outside’ or something. His logic was ridiculous.”

Hart also went on to say that he doesn’t have a single good thing to say about Bischoff, which, uh, seems kind of obvious but it’s nice that he made it a point to clarify that, I suppose.