Bret Hart Poked Fun At Kim Kardashian For Stealing His Trademark Look

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02.11.17 14 Comments

While some fans and contemporaries may be divided as to how they feel about him, there’s no denying that Bret Hart is an absolute legend and icon of the sport. I mean, he lives just three doors down from the Shrieking Sheik. His pink and black singlet with a leather motorcycle jacket over it and his one-of-a-kind weird one-piece flexible sunglasses are recognizable only as the look of “The Hitman.”

So what happens when Kim Kardashian pops up in photos wearing some straight-up Bret Hart shades and a leather jacket? Bret takes to Twitter to give her the business, of course.

Okay, let’s just run down a few things real quick:

  • I don’t know why Kim was wearing those glasses. Maybe she just got her eyes dilated? Maybe it’s part of the summer Yeezy line, and Ye is a secret huge Bret mark who never got over the Montreal Screwjob. I can relate.
  • I don’t know why Bret’s post is a video, and not two photos
  • Because, like, he can figure out how to make a Twitter video of two photos, but not how to attach two photos? That is truly baffling to me
  • That second picture is a bit of a stretch beyond the sunglasses, but any excuse to see a picture of CASUAL OUTDOORSMAN BRET, I suppose
  • Seriously why is that a video

We eagerly await Kim’s response, because we know she would not abide any swagger jacking if it was done to her. Haha, hey, remember when Kim Kardashian was at WrestleMania? Good times, good times.

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