Bret Hart Says The Upcoming Owen Hart DVD Is ‘So Bullsh*t,’ And It’s His Widow’s Fault

Last week, WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart took over TSN’s Periscope account to speak candidly on a number of topics, including his late brother Owen’s widow Martha Hart’s role in WWE’s upcoming Owen: Hart of Gold DVD. He believes that Martha has “totally made an ass of herself,” and that she’s “done more to erase Owen’s career and legacy” than help it. “For God’s sakes, you’ve gotta move on.”

In an interview with Fight Network’s John Pollock, The Hitman expanded on those thoughts, explaining that he felt even his role in the production of the DVD was “so bullsh*t,” and that Martha has handcuffed WWE to the point that there’s no reason to have an Owen Hart DVD at all. The comments are pretty severe, and include Bret’s opinion that Owen would “turn in his grave” if he knew what was happening.

“I’m looking forward to it but I’m not really optimistic that it’s going to be a great job. Martha handcuffed them so much. I don’t know if they’re even allowed to use any pictures from the past. It’s a poorly done DVD because of all the restraints and the limitations that Martha put on it. To me, that’s such a lousy thing to have happen. I think Owen would turn in his grave if he knew how much trouble Martha has gone to erase his career and make sure that nobody enjoys anything about his career today. It’s a bitterness and selfishness that I can’t stand by anymore. I think Martha’s taken the wrong approach and she should understand that, you know, we all miss Owen. I lost a brother, I lost a great friend and maybe one of the closest people I knew on this earth. I want to celebrate his career, I want to watch his matches back – not just with me, but with everybody he worked with.

His time with WWE, they got so much footage and so many great memories with Owen, and here she is standing in the way of that saying, “Nobody can see these videos. No one should see anything that brings back any of his career.” They couldn’t use any pictures from his childhood, they couldn’t use anything from Stampede Wrestling. They had so many restraints. Even the interviews, the questions that they did with me were so bullsh*t. The whole thing was so bullsh*t that sure, there’s an Owen Hart DVD, but it’s the sh*ts. I think WWE maybe had good intentions, but I’m not very impressed with the quality that it’s going to be. I haven’t seen it, I’m not optimistic but I’m hoping that it’ll be better than I think. But I could tell by the questions that they asked me and the interview that they did with me that it was a very short version of [Owen’s story]. I’m not really gonna hold up hope that it’s gonna be as great as it should be, and I feel bad because that’s Martha’s fault.”

Owen: Hart of Gold is currently set for a Dec. 8 release.

Here’s the full interview clip, if you’d like to give it a listen. Jump to the 7:54 for the Owen conversation.