Bret Hart Is Suing A Doctor For $1 Million After Wrist Surgery

Bret Hart is a WWE Hall of Famer and is one of the greatest in-ring competitors in the history of the business. Hart was the favorite wrestler of a lot of fans growing up watching WWE in the late-1980s and through the 1990s. When he left WWE in 1997 due to the Montreal Screwjob for a WCW run that ended early due to a serious concussion, it was the start of his health problems. In 2002, Hart suffered a serious stroke, but he was able to come back from that. In 2016, Hart was diagnosed with prostate cancer, and thankfully he was able to win that battle to become cancer free.

Unfortunately, Hart is battling a serious wrist issue at 60 years old. Hart has had the wrist injury since early in his wrestling career going back to the early 1980s. In 2015, he had a surgery to correct it, and things didn’t go well. In fact, Hart is now suing the doctor that performed the surgery, according to the Calgary Sun<.

The lawsuit is for $1 million “for general damages, plus unspecified amounts for lost income and other losses” against Dr. Justin Yeung. According to the lawsuit, “Dr. Yeung advised Mr. Hart that he could perform surgery to repair his right wrist by a partial fusion of the wrist bones.” The surgery took place on November 23, 2015 and unfortunately Hart’s right wrist isn’t any better – it’s actually worse.

Hart claims, in the lawsuit, that Dr. Yeung and his team “were negligent, breached the duties of care they owed to Mr. Hart and breached their agreement with [him].”

The statement of claims notes that Hart is not able to participate in recreational activities and social activities that he used to enjoy. They specified Hart is “unable to use his right hand to pick up and functionally use objects, including pens, pencils, eating utensils and tools. He is unable to properly dress himself without assistance.”

It sounds awful. Unable to dress himself? That’s bad. They also claimed that Hart is unable to draw, which is a longtime hobby and passion of his. Hart underwent another wrist surgery in October in Vancouver, but it’s not known how that surgery went. A statement of defense from Dr. Yeung disputing Hart’s claims has not been made yet.

Hart hasn’t commented publicly on the lawsuit. We wish him good health and happiness.

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