Bret Hart’s Surgery For Prostate Cancer Was A Success, And Wrestling Finally Has Good News

It’s about time we got some happy news in wrestling. Bret Hart, who revealed in an emotional Facebook post a couple of weeks ago that he has prostate cancer, just sent out an update that his surgery was a success.

Bret left this caption on a photo of him in the hospital surrounded by family:

Surgery’s over and on the long road to recovery. I want to thank Dr. Hyndman and the nursing staff at Rocky View Hospital for an outstanding job. I also want to thank my family, friends, and fans for all your love and support. Things are looking up and I should be home in the next couple of days. In the words of Vince McMahon: “It’s onwards and upwards.

Hart and his family have had such a bad history that every inkling of something going bad makes us nervous. However, it appears that things are looking up for the Hitman. It’s also pretty amazing that Hart quoted Vince McMahon at this time. That’s just a testament to healing and the fact that no relationship is too far gone to be healed.

The last few months in wrestling have absolutely sucked from a real-life perspective, so the news that Bret is expected to make a full recovery is a shining light in a cloudy, crappy dark cave of retirements, injuries and wrestler deaths.

Get well soon, Bret.