Bret Hart Had His Own Reasons For Turning Down The WWE Raw Reunion


This past Monday, when WWE Raw brought in as many alumni as they could possibly get in the name of a ratings boost, there was one at least one Legend conspicuously missing. Bret Hart Two-Time Hall-of-Famer, Five-Time WWE Champion, and One-Time Raw General Manager — is known for having a fractious relationship with the company. Honestly, between the Montreal Screw-Job and what happened to his brother Owen, who can blame him? In fact, a couple of months ago he appeared at AEW’s first show, and many thought he wasn’t invited to the Raw Reunion for that reason. Actually, it seems he was invited. He just didn’t want to come.

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Bret Hart is just enjoying the Summer season in Calgary so much that he doesn’t want to leave, and he hasn’t been taking any booking for that reason. A person could certainly be cynical and say that that’s a nice spin on not wanting to join a big WWE dog and pony show, but on the other hand I love imagining the Hitman strolling through the park, smiling as the summer breeze wafts through his hair and feeling nothing but pure joy.

And it’s not like he’d be strolling alone. Bret and his wife Stephanie also celebrated their ninth anniversary this week, which is also a very good reason not to fly to Tampa for one night’s work.