Brie Bella Almost Makes Up For The Past Few Months With Some Fantastic Daniel Bryan News

If you ever start feeling down on Brie Bella, just look at this picture. 

Brie Bella opening her mouth to say words has not exactly been a thing to look forward to for the past couple months, but recently she had something to say that everybody, even those of us who don’t find the word bitch completely thrilling, ought to be happy about.

During a recent Total Divas-related interview, Brie revealed that her husband Daniel Bryan will not need a second surgery and is finally starting to regain strength in his right arm through regular rehab. For those who haven’t been following along, back in mid-summer it was revealed Bryan was suffering from weakness in his arms and would need a second surgery. Most assumed this would be a second neck surgery, raising the nasty spectre that Bryan may have to cut his career short ala guys like Edge. Thankfully it later came out that the second surgery would instead be a less career-threatening elbow surgery. Now it seems Bryan won’t need a second surgery at all.

You know, this could go a long way towards making Brie a more palatable face. Every time she’s sent out to do something frustrating or irrational, just have her drop a bit of happy Daniel Bryan news afterward.

“Yeah, well Nikki, I’ll see you in COURT, BITCH! Also, Daniel’s back to 50% strength in his arm and finally got a damn haircut.”

[Rapturous audience applause].

via Wrestling Inc.