Brie Bella Set The Record Straight On How She Feels About John Cena


We warned you that there would be more hot goss to come out of the breakup heard round the world between Nikki Bella and John Cena. We just weren’t prepared for … quite so much of it.

To briefly recap: Cena and Bella announced that they have broken up and ended their engagement on Sunday. On Monday, a source told People that Cena ruined everything with Nikki, and that she was devastated and heartbroken as a result. On Tuesday, a counter-report, and then a supplemental report, said that Cena is the one who is devastated, and that it was actually Nikki who called off the engagement.

Got all that? Great. So do we, definitely.

The latest hotness in the hot goss rounds came on Wednesday, when People (who seem to be pretty interested in stirring things up) reported that Brie Bella is pissed off at Cena for being a big old jerk, and that she has her sister’s back.

While Brie does of course have her sister’s back, now and always, Brie took to Instagram to refute the claim that she “wants to kill” Cena. In an Instagram story on her account on Wednesday, Brie circled the offending text and clarified things.


“False!” wrote Brie. “I’d never say this and I’ll always love John Cena like a brother. He’ll always be family. My heart is hurting for he and my sister. #Truth.”

We’re all definitely sad that the wedding is off, and that Cena will not be calling Brie and Daniel Bryan his sister- and brother-in-law, but it’s good that the actual people involved or close to the situation aren’t afraid to call out the erroneous reports that are popping up.

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