Brock Lesnar Is Being Used To Explain Minneapolis Zoning Regulation Changes And It’s So, So Weird


In today’s best “we never thought we’d write about this” news, Minneapolis activist group Neighbors for More Neighbors and advocacy group Wedge LIVE are using Brock Lesnar and Bo Dallas to explain changes in zoning regulations. We know you come to wrestling blogs for hot Minnesota zoning news, and we aren’t gonna let you down.

We encourage you to watch this video and tell us what you’ve learned about … any of it. Highlights include Brock Lesnar’s face in an avocado like he’s the baby in the sun on Teletubbies, an entire family of Lesnars including a mom Lesnar with long hair and two tiny Brock sons, and Bo Dallas getting suplexed so hard his head turns into a house.

A little (much needed) clarification, via CityLab:

Minneapolis lawmakers are weighting a proposal to change the city’s zoning regulations governing the construction of fourplexes—small apartment buildings with four units. As the Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported, this would be “a historic rewriting of the zoning rules that would allow property owners to build fourplexes on any residential property in the city. The city’s current zoning prohibits them from roughly two-thirds of Minneapolis and more than 80 percent of its lots.”

The coming referendum on the character of the city has pro-density YIMBY activists who support the proposal ready to rumble, as the … video makes clear.

You see, the guy in the white undies is the city’s current zoning regulations, and the guy in the black pants is the YIMBY movement. When pants guy smashes undies guy, the result is “4PLEX.”

This won’t be the first time Brock Lesnar’s been used as a pawn in the mechanization of local government. Here’s a shot of North Carolina tabling discussions late last year:

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