Brock Lesnar Is Back And Ready To Murder The Sh*t Out Of Some Prairie Dogs

Three-time WWE and one-time-until-he-f**ked-with-the-wrong-Mexican UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar has just recovered from digestive intestinal disease surgery, and like anyone else he’s getting back into the swing of physical competition by eating Jimmy John’s in a field and using a machine gun to shoot giant bullets at prairie dogs to make them backflip thirty times.

FusionĀ© ammunition presents Brock’s big comeback video, which involves his older brother Chad, a discussion about how you can learn to respect various types of ammo by testing them scientifically on rodents in distant holes, and a bag of beef jerky. That can’t be good for your intestines. Is there an ethnic group that stereotypically loves beef jerky? That might explain it. Animal rights opinions aside, standing on a hillside with a Fat Man and launching Mini-Nukes at athletic gophers isn’t a great way to get back in shape or learn to respect things. But this is Brock Lesnar we’re talking about. This guy once broke the one leg of a one-legged guy in front of his own mother, then pushed the handicapped one-legged guy down a flight of stairs. And that’s just when he was pretending to hurt people.

I’m going to guess Cain Velasquez is “getting ready for the Fall” by beating people at fighting.

[h/t 411 Mania]