Brock Lesnar Says Daniel Bryan Made A ‘Wise Choice’ By Retiring, And Here’s Why

The headline makes it sound like a threat, but everything Brock Lesnar says kinda sounds like a threat.

In the same ESPN interview in which The Beast Incarnate was uncharacteristically gentle on Ronda Rousey’s suicide comments, Lesnar spoke about the dangers of concussions and the recent retirement of Daniel Bryan. He called Bryan stepping away from the sport “wise,” and the “right decision.”

Jump to the 3:10 mark in the video.

“I think he made a wise choice. Over the years, I can’t even count on both my hands the amount of concussions I probably had and didn’t even know, just because of the business that I’ve been in. But, I mean, when you can step away and put your health before your pride and the things that you love to do and understand that there’s more to life than wrestling or fighting, or so be it, football. Whatever it might be. You’ve got to take a step back and understand that someday, if you want some longevity, you’ve got to make the right decision, and I tip my hat to Daniel and I think he made the right decision.”

You’ve got to love the guy with the murderous penile knife tattoo, dangerous car dismantling habits and prairie dog machine-gunning hobby being a veteran voice of reason. Between this and his take on people calling wrestling “fake,” Brock’s turned into one of our best thinkers.

Should … should we be scared?

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