Brock Lesnar Will Be Fined And Suspended For One Year From MMA

Brock Lesnar‘s UFC 200 appearance was historic in a lot of ways. He came out of retirement to win a one-sided fight against Mark Hunt at the biggest MMA event in history and earned a one-of-a-kind payday for doing so, all while still being under contract to WWE. But Lesnar ran afoul of the USADA do to failed drug tests around his UFC 200 appearance, and his MMA career has been on hold ever since.

On Thursday, the final word of those failed drug tests has come down. Following a settlement with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Lesnar will have his MMA license suspended for one year, will be fined $250,000, and his win over Hunt will be changed to a “No Contest,” officially.

So that’s that as far as Brock’s failed drug test drama goes. Knowing Brock Lesnar’s standing “I don’t give a crap about anything” policy, he likely doesn’t care very much about any of this. He got his record-setting payday (of which $250K is a drop in the bucket), and he still has his full-time part-time job with WWE, which will never be taken away as long as he keeps wanting to wrestle half a dozen times a year for millions of dollars.

Stay tuned for Mark Hunt being very angry about at least some part of this decision.