WWE Is Letting Brock Lesnar Use His WWE Entrance Theme At UFC 200

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.17.16 16 Comments

Welp! Here comes the pain!

If you aren’t already hyped for Brock Lesnar’s WWE-approved return to the octagon at UFC 200, let this awesome slash ridiculous little nugget of information get you there. Per FloSports’ Jeremy Botter, WWE hasn’t just granted Brock permission to fight, they’re letting him use his pro wrestling entrance music.

For anyone who needs a refresher:

Personally, I think this is a great decision. It connects Lesnar more directly to the WWE brand, surely something they’re worried about in the fight promotion and the fallout heading into August’s SummerSlam event, and honestly, when you get a WWE entrance theme, that should be your general, everyday-use personal music. If I ever got an official WWE theme, I’d rig my doors to play it every time I walked into my house. Or OUT of my house. Or into a grocery store. That’s your theme.

Let’s hope this also means Brock’s fighting Mark Hunt with a bunch of Jimmy John’s logos on his shorts, that his MMA style has devolved into “constantly try for German suplexes,” and the fight ends with Hunt being in the Kimura Lock for way too long. Maybe Hunt will get hurt at the last minute and they’ll sub in Goldberg.

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