Brock Lesnar’s Latest UFC Photo Shoot Proves He Still Doesn’t Give A Crap About Anything

In case you suspected otherwise, Brock Lesnar really, truly, honestly gives zero f*cks about anyone or anything at this point in his career (and life, really). Case in point: Tuesday kicks off UFC Fight Week in Las Vegas, with the whole cadre of fighters slated to kick-punch at UFC 200 this Saturday present for whatever media requests are needed to be filled, as well as to take care of pre-fight promo obligations. And while Lesnar did show up as asked, maybe he shouldn’t have hit the Bellagio’s buffet ahead of time. Behold, this nine-second clip of Bork doing Bork things:

But wait, there’s more: If you ever wondered if Brock Lesnar knows how to write in cursive, then this two-and-a-half-minute Periscope video is going to be right up your alley. In it, Lesnar signs a stack of UFC 200 posters … and that’s it. Seriously. Like, I’m not trying to bullsh*t you, you honestly don’t even need to press play unless you want to see the Beast Incarnate silently sitting in a hotel ballroom with a massive backpack on, presumably scribbling “BORK WUZ HER” over and over for the UFC’s worldwide audience to consume and overanalyze. (“What’s in that jug at the end of the video? Is Brock drinking iced tea? Is it sweetened or unsweetened? Did he get it from Jimmy John’s?”)

Clearly, this is gonna be a long week for ol’ Brock. But at least he got Anthony Bourdain to do a dope-ass voiceover for his pre-fight video package.