Brock Lesnar Is Still Under Contract To The UFC And Will Continue To Be Drug Tested

After his successful return to the fighting world at UFC 200, Brock Lesnar remains under UFC contract. As reported by, this means Lesnar will continue to be drug tested by USADA, as part of UFC policy.

The four months of testing typically required of UFC fighters was waived for Lesnar’s return, which raised some eyebrows and led to a firm reminder from Brock to the world that he’s just a jacked white boy. However, with Lesnar leaving the door open for future bouts, it will be business as usual according to USADA spokesperson Ryan Madden:

“To my knowledge, Brock Lesnar has not notified USADA of his retirement from the UFC,” Madden said. “Therefore, he remains subject to USADA testing and the UFC anti-doping policy.”

In the meantime, Lesnar prepares for his SummerSlam match¬†against the Randy Orton, who is making his post-injury return to the WWE. If Lesnar’s performance at UFC 200 is any sort of primer of what to expect, Orton’s chances in The Beast vs. The Viper: Dawn of Suplexes should be pretty similar to Jeff Hardy’s way back in 2002. Personally I’m much more interested in a post match followup to Lesnar’s “Yo Adrian!”¬†call for racial peace and unity.