Brock Lesnar Posing In A UFC Shirt With A Giddy Dana White Could Mean Another Return To The Octagon

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02.25.18 8 Comments

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We haven’t seen Brock Lesnar in the UFC since he was beating on Mark Hunt at UFC 200 (in a match that was subsequently ruled a no-contest after Lesnar popped for PEDs). Brock is still on his WWE contract until April’s Wrestlemania, and if he did want to come back to the UFC, he’d have to enter the USADA testing pool and serve out the remainder of his suspension which is around six months, so there are hurdles to leap over and time to wait if Brock was coming back, but why else would this picture be posted?

It’s been reported that Brock’s return to the UFC is “imminent,” and the Dana White Twitter Smiley™ is only used in times of great schadenfreude or if there’s a subtext to whatever image he’s posting. It’s clear something is up:

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