Brock Lesnar’s UFC Return Could Cause More Scheduling Problems For WWE

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11.08.18 17 Comments

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Last week we shared the news that new Universal Champion Brock Lesnar — the King is dead, long live the King — only had two more matches scheduled for his WWE run, and might not defend his title until WrestleMania 35 in April. With Lesnar’s return to UFC imminent, it looks like even that might be in jeopardy.

The latest update from the Observer notes that UFC wants Lesnar to fight at their March 2 show in Las Vegas against Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier, which has been in the works for a while. Here’s why that’s a problem for WWE fans.

If Lesnar agrees to the fight, which his current WWE contract allows him to do, it could compromise WWE’s biggest shows both before and afterward. The Royal Rumble is in January, so if WWE wanted Lesnar to defend the Universal Championship on the show they could be out of luck, as that’d be in the middle of Brock’s training camp for the UFC fight. Lesnar is expected to defend at WrestleMania at least, as mentioned, but Mania’s only five weeks after March 2. That means if Lesnar gets injured in the fight or has any other complications, he could be out for Mania.

It could all work out fine and Lesnar could give us his scheduled 15 minutes of total performance time between now and April, but it could also end up a complete disaster. Who knew putting the title back on Brock was a bad idea?

Wait, what do you mean by everybody?

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