Brock Lesnar Went To An NHL Game And Wasted No Time Breaking A Sacred Locker Room Rule

While The Undertaker was entering the Royal Rumble match and Chris Jericho was winning a championship that had long eluded him on Monday night’s WWE Raw, Brock Lesnar was attending a hockey game between the hometown Winnipeg Jets and the visiting Calgary Flames.

The Jets are the closest NHL team to where Lesnar resides in Manitoba with his wife and children, so he was a guest of honor on Monday, presented with his own custom jersey and given the customary VIP tour through the locker room. The only problem? No one informed The Beast Incarnate of the extremely important NHL locker room rule that under no circumstances do you walk on the team logo in the middle of the room.

The horror in the voices of the players is palpable. But you’ll notice that no one voiced their objections TOO stridently, because what the hell are you gonna say to Brock Lesnar? Even if the guy is sporting one of his customary “three smiles a year” smiles, it’s not like anyone is going to run over and pull him away from the logo.

For the record, the Jets won the game, 2-0. So maybe they should start a new tradition, where Brock Lesnar has to walk over their logo before every game. I’d be into it.

If you need more Lesnar content in your life, here’s a video of Lesnar saying, “There’s nothing better than hockey; Canadian hockey” in a quasi-Canadian accent and being presented with his jersey before firing up the crowd.

I don’t know if I’m prepared to deal with this new, crowd-pleasing Brock Lesnar. Couldn’t he have put a sombrero on and mocked everyone? Well, at least he tried to ruin all their superstitions. I guess I’ll always have that to hold onto.