Path Of The Beast: Facts Fans Should Know About The Conquering Career Of Brock Lesnar

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Brock Lesnar was born to be a pro wrestler. He’s massive, looks like he’s been hewn from granite and oozes X-factor (and meat sweats) from every pore. Despite his incredible gifts, Brock’s ascent to the top of WWE wasn’t the straight shot you might expect, and once he got there, his, shall we say, combative personality continued to make for an unpredictable career.

As we approach Lesnar’s big match against Dean Ambrose and WrestleMania 32 on Sunday, here are a few things you might not know about the Suplex City-founding badass’ often-turbulent career.

Note: Brock’s life could fill multiple articles, so we’re mostly sticking to his younger years and WWE career here. UFC, Japan and the rest will have to wait for another time.

Brock began wrestling at the age of five


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Brock Lesnar, a beast since birth.

Brock Lesnar was born in the rural town of Webster, South Dakota in July, 1977. Brock’s family owned a dairy farm, and he and his two older brothers and younger sister spent their time doing what country kids do, which is to say, getting into trouble. In order to give their little Beast some structure, Brock’s parents got him involved in youth wrestling as young as five years old. And wrestling wasn’t just for fun. Oh no. According to Brock, his mom was molding him into a future world champion at an age when most of us couldn’t put on our own pants…

“My mom didn’t accept any excuses. If I lost, it was my fault. It was just me and the other kid on the mat. One winner. One Loser. When I lost a match, as I did from time to time, it was, ‘Admit it, accept it. If you don’t like the way you feel when you lose, then get in there and win.'”

A lot of guys owe Brock’s mom for the ass-kickings they would eventually receive.

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