Brock Lesnar Is WWE Universal Champion Again And Might Not Defend Until WrestleMania

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11.03.18 49 Comments

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A lot of really cool and eventful things happened at WWE’s controversial Crown Jewel event, from the return of a 65-year old disgraced legend to a 48-year old non-wrestler being named “best wrestler in the world.” Even the youngest person in the tag team main event, 49-year old Triple H, tore a pec and will be out for a year. At least WWE fans have one positive thing to look forward to: Brock Lesnar being Universal Champion again, after defeating Braun Strowman easily in about two minutes. Did I say “positive?” I meant [uncontrollable screaming noises]

If you’re wondering if Brock’s second run with the Universal Championship will see him popping up on WWE television more often than the first, of course it won’t. Wrestling Observer Radio dropped the note that Lesnar is signed for “at least two” WWE appearances, including the just-announced Lesnar vs. AJ Styles “champion vs. champion” rematch at Survivor Series.

Let’s hope this post becomes woefully out-of-date after Monday’s Raw, and WWE wrote a “Drew McIntyre kicks Lesnar’s ass and takes the championship” segment for tonight.

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