WWE Fined Brock Lesnar Over The Bloody Finish Of His SummerSlam Match

In case you missed it, Brock Lesnar still isn’t content with letting people keep their blood inside of their own bodies. This year’s SummerSlam pay-per-view ended with Lesnar busting Randy Orton’s head open seemingly just because he could. Lesnar picked up the victory via TKO, Shane McMahon got F5-ed out of his fancy sneakers, and Orton got treated to ten staples in his head.

WWE has now said that Lesnar will be fined for making Randy Orton bleed so much of his own blood:

Brock Lesnar’s brutal SummerSlam main event assault on Randy Orton has cost The Beast Incarnate $500.

Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon confirmed on Monday night that Lesnar would face repercussions for his vicious actions against The Viper at The Biggest Event of the Summer. The WWE Universe learned on Tuesday’s SmackDown Live Pre-Show that the $500 fine was set by Stephanie. – via WWE.com

To put that into Jimmy John’s perspective, without tax the fine equals out to:

  • 6 4ft. party subs
  • 55 J.J. Gargantuans
  • 71 Ultimate Porkers
  • 100 buckets of jumbo Kosher dill pickles
  • 117 Pepes

Also, how many dudes do you think have now nicknamed their dick The Ultimate Porker? Like, a lot, right?

WWE.com goes on to suggest that the fine is “an insult” to her brother Shane and the Smackdown Live brand. Personally, I just wanna know why I can’t buy all pickles in bucket form. They’re really onto something with that.