Brodus Clay Left Impact Wrestling Because Of His ‘Uncomfortable History’ With Jeff Jarrett

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12.13.17 3 Comments

George Murdoch — possibly one of the most “pro wrestler” shoot names this side of “Barbie Blank” or “Richard Blood” — is likely best known as Brodus Clay, who in turn is likely best known as being the only living Funkasaurus in captivity during his time with WWE. But in all honesty, he’s probably well on his way to being BEST-best-known as Machu Picchu’s brother on GLOW, a legacy we can all be jealous of.

But Clay also spent the better part of three years as Tyrus in Impact Wrestling, where he was first introduced as an associate of EC3. He took a hiatus from Impact in April of this year, but returned during the August set of tapings. Not too long after that, he announced that he would be sitting out of what was at the time Global Force Wrestling, and claimed the company treated him like a “second class citizen.”

After saying he would “take a knee,” Tyrus hasn’t been back since, although the company has gone through several more top-level shake-ups since then, including the promotion severing all ties with Jeff Jarrett and once again ditching the Global Force branding.

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