WWE Reportedly Plans To Use The ‘Broken Hardys’ Gimmick

Senior Editor, Sports
04.18.17 30 Comments


Ever since the Hardy Boyz came back to WWE at WrestleMania 33, the big question has been, “Will they be the Broken Hardys again? Ever?” Matt and Jeff are, of course, embroiled in a legal dispute with Impact Wrestling over the rights to the characters, and although Matt has been dropping little soupçons of Broken-ness here and there, they’ve pretty much been the classic “Team Xtreme Hardys” since their return.

On television, anyway. On Twitter, Matt has been doing four-dimensional gimmick work, changing his Twitter display name back and forth from Matt Hardy to V1 Matt Hardy to Broken Matt on a daily and sometimes hourly basis. He initially claimed that completing the Expedition for Gold by winning the Raw tag titles cured his CONDEESHUN, but lately he’s been saying there are many personae in conflict within his VESSEL.

And on Monday’s Raw, Matt gave an almost entirely straight promo, but slipped Broken-ness into it, if you knew where to look.

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