The Matt Hardy ‘Broken Universe’ Legal Drama Might Almost Be Over

Okay, deep breath, everyone. Let’s recap. Matt Hardy — whose “Broken Universe” became one of the most popular things Impact Wrestling has done in years, and became one of the most popular things in pro wrestling, full stop — left Impact when his contract was up, right around the time the company changed ownership. Impact (which is now Global Force Wrestling) claimed ownership of the Broken Universe characters, and even threatened legal action against Ring of Honor, even though Matt and Jeff Hardy had been using the characters extensively on the independent circuit before leaving Impact.

Since coming back to WWE, the Hardys have been flirting with using the Broken characters and mannerisms, but numerous reports indicated the Hardys and Impact were trying to work out a deal for the rights to the characters. Of course, things escalated publicly, repeatedly, and just kept on like that. Now it looks like we may finally, FINALLY be to the other side of this thing.

Hardy has been indicating strongly in recent tweets that they are on the verge of “winning,” and on Wrestling Observer Radio, it was reported that the two sides have been in discussion, as we’ve known, but they are now “real close” to a settlement being reached between Matt and GFW’s parent company, Anthem. If Hardy gets the rights to the gimmick back soon, you can expect to see it on WWE television in short order.